Which Hogwarts House Are You?

Writers share where they think the Sorting Hat would place them.

If you attended the Hogwarts School from Harry Potter, in which House would you be placed? That’s the question I posed to some writers and literary people throughout the year. Their answers are below.

If you’re not familiar, there are four Houses at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw. The Houses serve as living and learning communities for the students. A magical hat, the Sorting Hat, chooses in which House each new Hogwarts student is placed.

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As a reminder, weekly writer interviews will return on Jan. 7, 2020. Until then, have a safe and happy New Year! 🕛🍾🎉


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Which Hogwarts House are you?

E.R. Ramzipoor

Definitely Ravenclaw. The Sorting Hat would take one look at the battered notebook in my pocket and know immediately.

Jill Grunenwald and Adam Sockel, Professional Book Nerds Podcast

Jill: My house is Slytherin, and I firmly wear that house with pride (see what I did there?). For me, the ambition trait of Slytherin is the one that feels most familiar to me. I like having goals and am never afraid to go after what I want, and I can be quite tenacious in chasing end results.

Part of the process to reach my goals means displaying cunning, including problem-solving and thinking outside the box. Also, I am proud when I accomplish something – why shouldn’t I be?

Adam: My house is Gryffindor and as much as I do have some Ravenclaw in me (we’re book nerds, after all) it’s quite clear that I was put in the proper house.

I certainly fall into the category of someone who is brave and also tends to be a leader in groups, teams, organizations. I also know I am quite loud, have a need to be the center of attention, and while I feel that I have a lot of self-confidence and pride in my accomplishments, I have no doubts that others might view it as cockiness or arrogance.

Molly Greeley

If I went to Hogwarts, I'm pretty sure I'd be in Hufflepuff, but with some definite Ravenclaw tendencies. I always prefer cooperation to competition!

Steven Leyva

I am honestly unsure. Probably Ravenclaw. I think my worst fear growing up was to be thought of as dumb. Not sure the sorting hat would ignore that.

Grant Price

A bunch of friends came over to Berlin for my book launch and this question came up during a hangover lunch, and everybody immediately screamed Gryffindor when it was my turn. I have the sneaking suspicion it’s because I’m an unbearable know-it-all, but fingers crossed it’s because of my baller Quidditch skills.

Gilly Macmillan

Ravenclaw, because I love and value learning, I’m an independent type and a born observer.

Aisha Sharif

Hufflepuff. I’m not a huge Harry Potter buff, but Hufflepuff seems composed of characters who are quiet, honest, and loyal.

Wendy Mitman Clarke

My daughter says Ravenclaw, probably.