Book Lists for March 20-26, 2020

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Dear Reader,

The calendar on my desk that my sister-in-law made tells me it’s Friday. It’s hard to track the days of the week when there are no plans, and you don’t leave your house. On the bright side, I’m enjoying the slowed-down pace of life. Unfortunately, this break comes at the cost of so many’s health.

I’ve decided to pause the monthly premium subscriber book giveaway until our crisis passes. I don’t want the winner to worry about the book they’re receiving. They don’t know where I’ve been. And it doesn’t feel right adding to our country’s already-stressed distribution network. A book is, after all, certainly not toilet paper.

There will be a March book giveaway. But it may take place in April, or May, or June. The point is the book giveaways will return. As for many of us, our pre-pandemic lives will resume. For now, though, let’s stay home and help each other stay healthy. And, of course, let’s keep reading.


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