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Who should read Bidwell Hollow?

Both writers and book lovers enjoy Bidwell Hollow. Authors and poets say Bidwell Hollow’s stories inspire them. And readers like learning facts they never knew about their favorite writers while discovering new books to read.

Who writes Bidwell Hollow?

A handful of contributors write the This Week in Literary History stories. Here’s a roundup of Bidwell Hollow’s contributing writers. Writer interviews and the Friday book list emails are compiled by Bidwell Hollow’s publisher, Nicholas E. Barron.

If you’re interested in writing for Bidwell Hollow or are an author or poet who’d like to be interviewed, email Nick.

What else does Bidwell Hollow offer?

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About Bidwell Hollow

Bidwell Hollow started in January 2018. I, Nicholas E. Barron, was an avid reader of The Writer’s Almanac. When that abruptly shut-down in November 2017, I lost my daily dose of creative inspiration. I suspected others were, too.

So I launched Bidwell Hollow originally to replace The Writer’s Almanac. Since then, the Almanac has returned, and Bidwell Hollow has grown. Along with interesting stories about authors and poets, I now publish author/poet interviews and a weekly roundup of the best book lists of the week.

Bidwell Hollow can help you discover new authors and poets. It can inspire your writing and creativity. And it can give you a few minutes of each day when you get to relax and delight in your love of literature and poetry.

This newsletter is named after a rugged valley in the eastern fingers of Missouri's Ozarks. Located in Ste. Genevieve County, the hollow is near the small farm where I grew up. Bidwell Holler, as it's known to locals, is part of Mark Twain National Forest.

My dad grew up hunting in Bidwell with his father. Then my brother and I spent hours in those woods with our dad, too. We hunted, cut firewood, and hiked. It’s a special place for me, making Bidwell Hollow a fitting name for this newsletter.

A thing about sources

Significant effort goes into ensuring the information shared in writers’ stories is factual and accurate. However, because the pieces are often written based on secondary research, errors can occur.

To minimize this risk, all sources used in researching for Bidwell Hollow’s writers’ stories must be reputable organizations and authors with trusted fact-checking and editorial processes. Some examples of these sources include mainstream media outlets, academic papers, and non-fiction books.

If you see a factual error, please let me know. I'll make every effort to verify and correct any factual inaccuracies.

About Nicholas E. Barron

I’m a freelance writer in Washington, DC, but I grew up on a small Missouri farm. Where I come from, making a living as a writer isn’t something people do. So it took me a few too many years to realize, yes, I can do what I love and get paid for it.

Along with Bidwell Hollow, you can find me on Instagram. If you follow me, give me a shout and let me know. I love to connect with Bidwell Hollow readers.

By hearing from people like you, I can continue to make Bidwell Hollow a beloved resource for people who love literature and poetry.