Listen to the Bidwell Hollow Podcast Trailer to See What to Expect This Season

The first-ever Bidwell Hollow Podcast trailer is now available. You can listen to it, watch the trailer video, and read the trailer's transcript below.

And the first season of Bidwell Hollow will launch on Feb. 23. You can subscribe now wherever you prefer to listen to podcasts.

The Bidwell Hollow podcast tells true but little-known stories about famous authors and poets. Season 1 includes 12 episodes.

New episodes will release on Saturdays between Feb. 23-May 11.

Each episode and its transcript will publish to this blog and your favorite podcast platform (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc.). Along with subscribing to the podcast, you can find out when new episodes come out via the Bidwell Hollow newsletter.

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Here's a sampling of upcoming episode titles:

  • How Two Legendary Authors Met On a Hike

  • The Story of How a Poetry Critic Became a Short-Lived TV Star

  • The True Story of Who Inspired Longfellow's Hiawatha

  • A Child Prodigy Novelist Who Vanished

  • The Harlem Renaissance Play that Almost Never Was

In the meantime, here are four quick ways you can help me out:

Thank you for your support of Bidwell Hollow. I'm excited to bring this first season to you, very soon.

More to come,

Nick Barron

Bidwell Hollow Podcast Video

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Bidwell Hollow Podcast Trailer Transcript

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Nicholas Barron:

Did you hear about the time that writers Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs got caught up in a murder investigation?

Or that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous poem, “The Song of Hiawatha,” was inspired by the writings of a Native American woman?

Hi, I’m Nicholas Barron. And these are the kinds of stories I tell on my podcast, Bidwell Hollow.

Among all of the writers and poets who’ve ever lived, there’s one thing each of them has in common: They’re all people.

And people lead lives that are filled with decisions, coincidences, and occurrences. Lives that are peppered with trials and tribulations, achievements and disappointments, outcomes both planned and unexpected.

This is true for you and me. And it’s true for every writer and poet who’s ever lived.

Indeed, behind the work of these literary artists are true, little-known stories about their lives and art.

That’s what the Bidwell Hollow Podcast is about.

Each episode, I tell you true tales about the people behind the words you’ve read and loved.

You can listen to Bidwell Hollow wherever you prefer to listen to podcasts.

And be sure to subscribe to the Bidwell Hollow newsletter, which brings you hand-picked poems, news about books, and author and poet interviews.

Bidwell Hollow, telling true, but little-known stories about famous writers and poets.