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To be a writer in times like these 🙄

Hi Reader,

A writer’s job has always been challenging, but it feels particularly complicated these days. Every beep, vibrate, and ding signals a new bout of anxiety, fear, and frustration. How can a writer do what they must do (write, read, stare silently out a window, write, stare silently out a window) in times like these?

In 2009, a motivational speaker named Simon Sinek gave a TED Talk in which he discussed finding your purpose. Sinek describes this way of thinking as discovering your “why.” Knowing why you do what you do will inspire others and increase your chances for success, Sinek argues.

This newsletter can’t stop a pandemic or remove a spoiled tyrant from office. It can, however, support writers with:

  • Literary history stories to inspire and encourage.

  • Interviews to inform and, hopefully, sell writers’ books.

  • Book lists to give you reading material.

A writer’s job was already hard, and it feels especially challenging now as we’re living through what’s undoubtedly the opposite of the Pax Romana. Yet perhaps a few times a week, this little newsletter can give you a flicker of inspiration and a well from which to draw, so you can be your best self and do your best work.

After all, we need you writing now more than ever.

Thanks for reading,

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