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You may have noticed you’ve not received a Bidwell Hollow email these past few weeks. Nothing’s wrong, quite the opposite. My freelance writing business is taking off, which is terrific because I can earn a living doing what I love to do. 

The downside is that I couldn’t keep up with this newsletter.

So, I’ve called in reinforcements. Other writers will now help write the Today in Literary History emails that go out on Mondays. This change continues Bidwell Hollow, and it exposes you to work by talented folks. You can still expect highly researched stories about notable writers and literary events, but more than one writer will write them.

Having help also frees me to focus on other stuff you enjoy, such as the Friday Book List emails and writer interviews. I can resume running Bidwell Hollow’s social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest). Plus, we do better work as a team than an individual.

Your book lists are below, you can start enjoying the new-and-improved Today in Literary History emails tomorrow, and next week resumes the biweekly writer interviews. Welcome back to the Hollow!

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P.S. Paid subscriptions are currently turned off. This change means the Today in Literary History emails are available for all subscribers, and premium subscribers are not getting charged by Bidwell Hollow. I want everyone to have an opportunity to read the new-and-improved Bidwell Hollow, and I owe you something following my absence. I’ll let you know when paid subscriptions will resume.

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