Best Book Lists for Oct. 23-29, 2020

Welcome to Halloween 2020 🎃😷🎃😷

Happy Halloween Weekend,

This year I'm going as a middle-aged man with knee pain. That might not sound scary, but confronting your mortality is a frightening experience.

Of course, the husband and I aren’t going anywhere. Instead, we'll stay home with the porch light off, eating on behalf of the trick-or-treaters we can't serve.

History will remember this as the most-masked Halloween on record, at least in spots where people believe in science. If that's not you, please don't take offense. But do, please, step back about six feet.

Yes, this Halloween is a bit of a downer compared to years past. Yet we have books to keep us company, our writing to entertain us, and, at least in my case, a little knee pain that makes me go, "Boo." 👻

Be wise, stay safe, and thanks for reading,
Nick Barron

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