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A few weeks ago, a high school English teacher named Abigail emailed to let me know how much she enjoys this newsletter. Abigail said she uses many of the resources this email provides in her classroom.

Until Abigail’s email, it never occurred to me that teachers and students might benefit from Bidwell Hollow. If so, I want to make this newsletter as accessible as possible to these individuals.

That’s why now Students and teachers can get a Premium Bidwell Hollow Subscription for half-off. That’s $25/year instead of $50/year for a Premium Subscription.

To take advantage of this offer:

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If you’re a student or educator who previously paid full-price for a Premium Subscriber, reply to this email and I’ll refund half your money back.

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P.S. If you know a student or teacher who may want to get Bidwell Hollow, be sure to forward them this email.


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