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New and improved interviews coming your way

Hi Reader,

You may have noticed I’m publishing fewer writer interviews. Previously, I released a new interview every Tuesday.

To keep up with that schedule, I didn’t have time to read an author’s book before interviewing them. But I think not reading a writer’s work is a disservice to you and them. And knowing what an author wrote makes for a better interview.

Going forward, I’ll read a writer’s book before interviewing them. (In most cases, this means reading an author’s most recent book.)

Doing so will give you more detailed, interesting interviews. The downside is I have to reduce the number of interviews I publish to two a month instead of once a week.

You’ll get your first new-and-improved author interview on Aug. 4. The next one will follow on Aug. 18.

Fewer interviews, yes, but I think you’ll appreciate the change once you get a chance to read them.

Thanks for your support,

P.S. If you’re a published author or poet, or represent one who is, and would like to be interviewed on Bidwell Hollow, you can send me your pitch to nick at bidwellhollow dot com.

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