Best Book Lists for Jan. 8-14, 2021

New year, new annual reading list

Happy Friday,

Every year since 2018, I make a list of books to read that year. Doing so scratches my obsessive-compulsive itch, and it’s a fantastic way to, come December, see how little you accomplished. The list starts with hope and promise, but time flies, and I get distracted—Hey, do you know what Charles Dickens kept in his pantry? The best of thyme, the worst of thyme.

Sorry. Where was I? My annual reading list. Right.

This year I’m starting with a list of just 34 books because, like a pet alligator, this thing has a way of growing. The list contains categories, such as classics I’ve never read but really should if I want to be interesting at dinner parties (Remember dinner parties?), African literature, and new books I missed last year.

What about you, do you plan what you’re going to read? Or, do you live on the edge, the wind in your hair, choosing books to read willy-nilly?

Oh, did you hear why people stop reading Pride and Prejudice? It’s too Austentatious.

Thanks for reading,

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