Best Book Lists: Feb. 26-March 4, 2021

Seeing gratitude 🙏

You know you're in for a fun afternoon when your eye doctor says, "Can we dilate your pupils?"

And because you're as dumb as a country mouse, except a country mouse knows when to run, say, "Sure!"

But then the doctor says, "We'll give you some sunglasses for when you leave." And you start wondering if the kids who voted you most gullible in high school may have been on to something.

The doc finishes their examination, hand you a piece of paper, and you realize everything's a blur, and not in a my-how-time-flies kind of way. You leave the office and step into the sunlight, which blinds you.

"Did I turn into a vampire?" you wonder. "Ah. Pupil dilation!" And you throw on your sunglasses.

Your walk home is an adventure, perhaps the biggest since the pandemic started, except for when you baked with yeast for the first time. You can't see through your sunglasses because your mask fogs them up. But take the glasses off, and the sunlight will strike you down like Saul on the road to Damascus. And you are NOT changing your name.

Eventually, you make it home and realize that even with all you've tried to be grateful for over the past year, you still take some things for granted, like vision. Don't we all? Even the best of us sometimes fail to see all we have to appreciate.

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